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Italian War hammer - Dragon hammer 14th - 15thC

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Dragon Hammer  14th-15thC

This Italian medieval war hammer is based on a piece from the Venice Museum dated 1380.  Housed at The Museo Civico Correr in Venice, Italy. Francesco II da Carrara.  The original was a staff weapon at 20cm wide and this has been scaled down to be a hammer.   Based on a piece from Venice Museum and dated 1380 . The head is cast bronze and steel with a bronze end cap.

War hammers generally had a faceted hammer for blows and a sharper pointed side which could be used for piercing/ripping.

This devastating example can be purchased unmounted or mounted on a fantastic, shaped ash shaft with a bronze end cap.

Available mounted or unmounted. 

Material – bronze and steel

Height 13cm/5 ¼”, width 14cm/5.6”

Weight 820g/1lbs 12oz (unmounted)

Available unmounted or mounted on a 55cm/22” ash shaft

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