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The Tod Cutler Field Knife is the very slightly larger brother of the classic Bushcraft Knife.  The handle form is a rounded rectangle making for a comfortable grip, but one with excellent edge control.  When this is combined with an edge that is ground right to the heel of the blade you have a tool that can undertake heavy field work or precise survival and camp activities.   Combine this with a broad and stout blade and you have a classic sheath knife for all manner of outdoor work. 

From whittling a stick to making a “survival crossbow”, this knife will be a reliable partner and comes with a natural leather belt sheath.

  • Overall length 232mm /9.2”
  • Blade length 126mm /5”
  • Handle length 100mm /3.9”
  • Blade thickness 4.2mm /0.16”
  • Steel: mild carbon steel 

You can skin with any knife, but to get good and easy results you need a blade of the right shape matched with a handle that allows you to freely and easily move that blade and adjust it to the contours of the game. A Tod Cutler Skinning Knife has exactly these features.

The blade tip is rounded and flared to take the point above the centreline of the handle to create a classic skinning blade profile that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. The handle is rounded with a soft heel to allow you to manoeuvre it in your hand with a finger grip indent to allow for a secure grip when it is slippery.

Comes with a leather belt sheath.

  • Overall length 220mm /8.6”
  • Blade length 111mm /4.5”
  • Handle length 100mm /3.9”
  • Blade thickness 3.6mm /0.15”
  • Steel 440C


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