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The Tod Cutler Bushcraft Field Knife is the very slightly larger brother of the classic Bushcraft Knife. The handle form is a rounded rectangle making for a comfortable grip, but one with excellent edge control. When this is combined with an edge that is ground right to the heel of the blade you have a tool that can undertake heavy field work or precise survival and camp activities. Combine this with a broad and stout blade and you have a classic sheath knife for all manner of outdoor work. 

From whittling a stick to making a “survival crossbow”, this knife will be a reliable partner and comes with a dark brown leather belt sheath.

  • Overall length 232mm /9.2”
  • Blade length 126mm /5”
  • Handle length 100mm /3.9”
  • Blade thickness 4.2mm /0.16”
  • Steel: Mild carbon steel 

Bushcraft and field knives are amazing tools, but around a camp or for really rough work there are times when they are just not ‘tool enough’ and then it is time to bring out the Camp Knife.

This is the big brother that comes out when heavy work is needed, from clearing the camp site, cutting brush or baton-ing fire wood, this knife will never stop working for you, but still controlled enough to be an invaluable and creative part of your tool kit. If you want proof, the “Bushcraft Survival Crossbow” was mainly made using this knife.

Comes with a dark brown leather belt sheath.

  • Overall length 380mm /15”
  • Blade length 252mm /10”
  • Handle length 105mm /4.25”
  • Blade thickness 3.8mm /0.15”
  • Steel: Medium carbon spring steel


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