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14th Century Low Status Bundle

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A bundle suitable for a low status, 14th Century reenactor. 

Low Status Bollock Dagger 

A simple version of this common knife suitable for peasants, archers and lower status soldiers.  Suitable through until the early 16thC.

Wooden grip with a bronze peen washer and single edged carbon steel blade. Comes complete with a veg tan leather sheath.


Overall length - 37cm/14.5”
Grip Length - 9cm/3.5”
Blade length - 25cm/10”
Blade thickness (at hilt) - 7.5mm/0.3”

Whittle Tang Dagger 

This Medieval Whittle Tang dagger dated 1200 to 1550 is a peasant's form of utility knife, part self-defence, part bushcraft, part general task. Many Medieval knives can be categorised by their style such as bollock, rondel, baselard etc. Others like this simple Whittle Tang dagger were just simply made and used by simple folk. Will suit peasants through the ages.

Based on the ideas of Logan Thompson and D Worthy.

Blade length 19cm/7.5 inches 

Grip length 9.5cm/3.75 inches 

Overall length 29.5cm/11.75 inches 

Medieval Eating Knife (tcp9)

13th-15thC Low Status Eating Knife, Medieval Eating Knife comes with veg tan leather sheath

A simple scale tang knife with a wooden handle and no bolsters.  This knife is well suited to lower class people and peasants over a wide period of time.

Wooden handle, brass rivets, Carbon steel blade, decorated veg tan leather sheath.


Overall length - 23cm/9”
Grip Length - 10cm/4”
Blade length - 12cm/5”

Wooden Spoon 

A simple peasants wooden spoon 

17cm or 6 1/2" long 


The sling was used for warfare and for hunting from antiquity, up to very modern times (my father was taught to use one as a boy).  

Famously used by David against Goliath, the Romans and all of medieval Europe.

This medieval sling is based on a fairly normal construction type of a veg tan leather pocket with slits allowing it to be moulded slightly and comes with waxed cords and a finger loop.  The cords are 36"/90cm long.

Bottle Opener

Hand forged steel beer bottle opener – exact copy of what a blacksmith would have made if they had beer bottles.

Please request scabbard colours in the notes. Choices are brown, black, red or green. We will try and make you happy but cannot guarantee it. If you do not state a colour on your order we shall choose a suitable colour which can not be changed once shipped.

Knives are sent sharpened. 


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