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12th Century Quillon Dagger

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12thC Medieval Quillon dagger - daggers started as knights daggers in the high medieval period and quickly became popular with regular soldiers and men at arms. This medieval dagger is an early version and was the height of fashion in the 12thC and features a stout double sided blade fitted to a simple steel guard and pommel with an Ash wood grip. Stylistically they are similar to swords of the period and this example is based on an English piece, but this style of dagger fits all over Northern Europe. 

Comes with a double layer naturally tanned leather sheath with a latten chape featuring the symbol of a heart.

Blade length 24cm/9.5”

Overall length 38cm/15”

Grip length 9cm/3.5”

Edge sharpness

Semi-Sharp is 'butter knife sharp'; it has a very fine flat on the edge

Sharp has been ground to give a reasonable cutting edge, but final honing, if required, is by the customer.


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