About Tod

Tod has a good eye, deft hands and good attention to detail, and a very wide breadth of skills, I can reliably fit the job to the time and budget available. I understand history and engineering with a passion and the media industries thoroughly.

I have worked at a number of roles consecutively, notably 25 years in TV and 20 years in reproductions.

Past experience in……..Product design and new product development, Special effects and animatronics, Interactive design and manufacture, TV engineering support, TV presenting, Teaching, Historic artefact reproduction.

I am amiable, clear headed and calm; hard to rattle, easy to get on with, have good client, crew handling and interpersonal skills. I have to, because I live near Oxford (UK) with a wife and 3 daughters 

Batchelors degree in Business Studies and a Masters in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art.