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Studded Grip Rondel Dagger ~ Rothenburg (TC58)

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This distinctive medieval rondel dagger (TC58) is based on a composite of two German examples from the Rothenburg Collection and is dated between 1425 and 1450.

The large disc guards are steel with a crenelated edge and the grip is wood with steel studs, affording a very secure grip.  The blade is 8mm thick and has a sharpened false edge near the guard and steps down to a wickedly sharp point with a flat back.

Comfier to hold than it looks!

Suitable for period 1425-1500.

Overall length 45cm/17.75"

Grip length 10cm/4"

Blade length 34cm/13.25"

Edge sharpness

Semi-Sharp is 'butter knife sharp'; it has a very fine flat on the edge

Sharp has been ground to give a reasonable cutting edge, but final honing, if required, is by the customer.

Please note: The colours may vary in tone from the photos here.  Each skin of leather is different and reacts differently to the dye so they may be darker or lighter in tone

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