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Antennae Medieval Quillon Dagger

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This style of medieval dagger, quillon, is a real classic of European weaponry and is dated from the 11thC through to the 14thC. Antennae, aunlaz or anelace quillon dagger.

Images of this style can be found in the Hrabanus Maurus of Monte Cassino manuscript from the late 11thC, in the Maciejowski Bible dated mid 13th and the Royal Armouries in Leeds have one (X1302) dated late 14thC.

It is simply constructed from two bent steel guards with the rolled ends filled with brass inserts and a stout double edged blade; the knife is peened.

The sheath is double layered with a brass chape and incised decoration to front and back.

Overall length 37cm/14.5"

Blade length 25cm/10"

Grip length 9cm/3.5"

Edge sharpness

Semi-Sharp is 'butter knife sharp'; it has a very fine flat on the edge

Sharp has been ground to give a reasonable cutting edge, but final honing, if required, is by the customer.


Please note: The colours may vary in tone from the photos here.  Each skin of leather is different and reacts differently to the dye so they may be darker or lighter in tone



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