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Stiletto Dagger 17thC TC13

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17thC Stiletto - The stiletto directly descended from the so-called "dagger of mercy", used by knights on the battlefields from the XII century. It was designed to penetrate the vulnerable points of the knight's armour and defeat the dismounted knight.

The stiletto blade's narrow cross-section and tip which tapers to a sharp point reduce friction upon entry, allowing the blade to penetrate deeply. it is considered as a form of dagger, but most stilettos are specialised thrusting weapons, not designed for cutting or slashing, even with edged examples.

This classic version of the Italian gentleman’s dagger; small and very pointy is from the 17thC. The complete dagger is made in steel to create a look that is totally ‘Stiletto’.

Steel grip and guards, steel blade, veg tan leather sheath.

Please note, the blade on this knife is unhardened. 


Overall length - 36cm/14”
Grip Length - 9.5cm/3.75”
Blade length - 25cm/10”
Blade thickness (at hilt) - 7.5mm/0.3”


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