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A bundle fit for a lady....

The Purse Bollock Dagger 


Bollock daggers come in all shapes and sizes and were hugely popular over large parts of Europe, particularly northern and into Scandanavia. As well as the larger fighting daggers we are more familiar with, in manuscripts you see lots of much smaller daggers which are often worn in conjunction with a purse or belt pouch. So presumably to make a convenient package of dagger, purse and belt the dagger is threaded through slits in the back of the purse or the belt loops. This dagger represents one of these small but still formidable purse daggers. 1350-1500.

Blade length 17cm/7 inches

Grip length (halfway over balls) 9.5cm/3.75 inches 

Overall length 29cm/11.5 inches 

Bone Handled Eating Knife 

14th-15thC Medieval Eating Knife - Bone Handled

A simple scale tang knife with a bone handle and steel bolsters.  This small eating knife is well suited to lower and middle class people.

Bone handle, steel tubular rivets, stainless steel blade, decorated veg tan leather sheath.  

Medieval eating knife. Medieval eating knives


Overall length - 18cm/7”
Grip Length - 8cm/3.25”
Blade length - 10cm/4”

Brass Fork

15th-17thC Medieval Brass two tine Fork

Length:  13cm/5”

Copied from an original 

Brass Spoon 

15thC Medieval Brass Spoon

Length: 15cm/6”

Copied from an original

Leather Needle Case 

13thC-17thC leather needle case in veg tan leather with incised decoration, 85mm/3.25” inside. 

Please request scabbard colour in the notes. Choices for the dagger and needle case are brown, black, red or green. Choices for the eating knife are brown, black, red, green or blue. We will try and make you happy but cannot guarantee it. If you do not state a colour on your order we shall choose a suitable colour which can not be changed once shipped.


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