Medieval Rondel Dagger 15thC TC1

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15thC rondel dagger

A low to middle status soldier, knight or archers dagger with fabricated hollow rondels so it won’t overbalance and a strong single edged blade with a reinforced point.

Steel brazed rondels, wooden grip, thick carbon steel blade.  Veg tan leather sheath.

Dagger comes semi-sharp with a 1mm edge or can be sharpened for £8 extra.


Overall length - 44cm/17”
Grip Length - 10cm/4”
Blade length - 31cm/12.25”
Blade thickness (at hilt) - 8.5mm/0.35”


Edge sharpness

Semi-Sharp is 'butter knife sharp'; it has a very fine flat on the edge

Sharp has been ground to give a reasonable cutting edge, but final honing, if required, is by the customer.