Langseax Knife - Viking 10th-12thC TC5

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10th-12thC langseax 

The definitive Viking and Saxon dagger/knife in a broken back style typical of the later Viking period and through into the 12thC. Viking Saxon Knives.

Wood and horn grip, single edged carbon steel blade, veg tan leather and brass sheath.

Knife comes semi- sharp as standard with a 1mm edge or can be sharpened at extra cost.


Overall length - 43cm/17”
Grip Length 17cm/6.5”
Blade length - 27cm/10.5”
Blade thickness (at hilt) - 6.5mm/0.25”


Edge sharpness

Semi-Sharp is 'butter knife sharp'; it has a very fine flat on the edge

Sharp has been ground to give a reasonable cutting edge, but final honing, if required, is by the customer.