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Irish Scian or Skean Medieval Dagger TC85

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During the 14th to 16thC, Irish Medieval warriors carried a dagger type commonly called a Skain/Skean which translates from Gaelic as 'knife'.  Long, single edged and simple, these fearsome daggers were to be found in the hands of some of the most fearsome warriors of Medieval Europe.

These long single-edged daggers are described and depicted in artwork but very few survived as original pieces and of course the classic dagger of the feared Gallowglass mercenaries

Brass guard and pommel cap, wooden handle and stout spring steel blade.  Double layered leather sheath with hanging loops.

Overall length: 50cm/19.75"

Blade length: 38.5cm/15.2"

Grip length: 10.8cm/4.3"

Edge sharpness is 'butter knife' sharp: it has a very fine flat on the edge.

Sharp has been ground to give a reasonable cutting edge but, final honing, if required, is up to the customer.


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