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Dragon hammer Mounted or Unmounted

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Dragon Hammer  14th-15thC

This medieval war hammer is based on a piece from the Venice Museum dated 1380.  Housed at The Museo Civico Correr in Venice, Italy. It is definitely unique circa 1380, this weapon is connected to Francesco II da Carrara.  The original was a staff weapon at 20cm wide and this has been scaled down to be a hammer.  What is noticeable about this piece is the very medieval,  bronze cast around a steel core - it could not be more correct.  This does mean that the core is not always absolutely in line with the head; again, it could not be more medieval.

Europe - based on a piece from Venice Museum and dated 1380 

Material – bronze and steel

Height 13cm/5 ¼”, width 14cm/5.6”

Weight 820g/1lbs 12oz (unmounted)

Available unmounted or mounted on a 55cm/22” ash shaft

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