Brass Cased Medieval folding knife TCP 65

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This medieval Brass Cased folding knife is of a common pattern you see through from the 12th to 16th C.

A very easy to make, low status, utility, folding knife.  Solid brass case, hollow ground straight edged blade that can be used as a razor.  Although, whether or not this was used as a razor or just as a folding utility knife we do not know.  Blade is carbon steel and held open with a thumb tag which was the standard way until the 17th C.

Comes with a natural leather sheath - Also small stocks available of Black, Brown or red sheaths whilst stocks last!  Please choose colour from drop down menu

Total opened length:  150mm / 6"

Blade length: 65mm/ 2.5"

Grip length" 90mm/3.5"


TCP 65